Counseling Services


At ExtraCare Health Services, we see individual counseling as being invaluable in treating alcohol and drug abuse.  Each client coming into ExtraCare will receive a comprehensive evaluation to determine what his or her individualized alcohol and/or drug abuse treatment program will consist of.  Our one basic philosophy is that we want the same high level of care given to our clients that we would want for ourselves and our families, and all of our counselors are committed to that in our drug and alcohol treatment programs.



At ExtraCare, we feel alcohol or drug addiction is a disease that affects the entire family, because it is often disrupted by a person abusing substance. This disruption will ultimately have a negative effect on the entire family system, including spouses, parents and siblings. At our facilities, family members are counseled by certified alcohol and drug counselors and/or psychologists, depending upon the needs of each family. Our goal is to teach families how to intervene and help the addicted person, and once again return to a happy, healthy and well-functioning system.

Because of that, we offer a variety of counseling approaches at our facilities, including:
  •     Individual and groups for parents
  •     Individual and groups for spouses or significant others
  •     Individual and groups for co-dependents



Group counseling at ExtraCare focuses on helping clients bolster their self-esteem and, in turn, recover from their alcohol and drug abuse. Clients learn to evaluate self-criticizing thoughts and negative feelings to determine their validity. We have groups for both the individual suffering from the chemical dependency, as well as groups for family members. In a group setting, you will find you are not alone in your situation and you can draw on our counselors’ professional expertise, as well as experiences of other addicts and family members. In doing so, you will gain strength and learn how to cope and restore your family system.



Co-dependency counseling can be individual or group counseling, which will focus on a family member becoming a strong and independent person. This type of counseling helps each person take effective control of his or her life and build self-esteem in the process. The emphasis is on developing the concept that each person deserves love, value and respect in any relationship.



The focus is on helping the client identify, reframe and avoid triggers which can cause relapse. This counseling involves learning how to stay away from people, places and things that may have led to relapse in the past. We help clients in learning how to identify distorted thoughts that can lead to depressing or anxious cues which can lead to relapse.