Alcohol/Drug and Mental Health Counseling Centers

ExtraCare Counseling Centers was founded in 1991 by Director Emeritus John Kelly. Our Alcohol/Drug and Mental Health Treatment Programs provide treatment on an individual basis, with special attention given to building self-esteem in our clients and helping them regain power over their lives. This New Jersey-based program has an excellent track record thanks to our Board-Certified and licensed team of counselors and psychologists. They design a program just for you or your loved one to help them handle drug or alcohol abuse.

In addition to serving as the ExtraCare director, John Kelly is a national board-certified addiction specialist, board-certified social worker, certified forensic examiner, and fellow of the American Board of Forensic Examiners. He is well known as a consultant, evaluator, and expert witness in addictive illness as well as criminal profiling and how it relates to addictive illness.

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We specialize in addictive illness in both adults and adolescents, and the entire team here at our facility is committed to helping improve the health of anyone who comes through our doors. Our Alcohol/Drug and Mental Health Treatment Programs are located in Middlesex, Monmouth, and Union counties with both day and evening appointments available. Contact us by calling 732-721-3835 or emailing us at